Thursday, June 16, 2016

Travel Right Around Dolphins

Dolphins Myrtle BeachIt is hard to know if it is the ancient mysticism connected to dolphins that makes them so wonderful. For the older generation it is mainly memories of the television series Flipper that have them dewy eyed when they think of seeing the real thing. For the younger generation we believe that it is, sadly, the growth of aquatic theme parks with their captive cetaceans– and the attraction of 'joyous jumping' aquatic shows. From Disneyworld to Denmark, Mexico to Malta, individuals are still flipping over to see dolphins do their thing.

As the word goes out about the problems around containing wild animals in tanks for our amusement, a growing number of individuals want to get their kicks in the wild – to swim and have fun with them, touch them, kiss them and be healed by them. Go see them in the wild, for sure, but let them act as they want to– this indicates no touching, snuggling or kissing. This is their world, and if we respect it and allow them to occupy it quietly, we will be able to see them play gladly in it too. The industry is beginning to awaken to the fact that there is more to dolphin enjoying than dollar signs, and typically it is a great skipper at the helm that makes all the distinction between a responsible trip and a totally irresponsible one

At Action Water Sportz, we prepare for your sea adventure will likely mean a dolphin watching! Dolphins are friendly and prefer to come close, so here's what you can do when you identify a dolphin:

Observe from a distance. Keep them safe by not getting too close. NOAA Fisheries, the US federal government firm that oversees and handles marine animals, advises that they be observed from a distance of at least 50 yards.

Wait for the dolphin to come to YOU. It's unlawful to lure them your way.

Do not feed the dolphins. They've got everything they need in their Myrtle Beach environment.

Remind fellow water sport lovers to deal with manatees kindly.

However do not forget your water proof camera! If a dolphin does approach you, aim to keep your range. These friendly creatures are always anxious to pose for the camera. So stay a number of yards away and snap those pictures!

Action Water Sportz has 2 hour dolphin tours that leave every hour. Call us today to reserve your jet ski. We have a trained guide who accompanies every group and knows where to find these fun creatures.

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