Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Brief History Of The Jet Ski

Myrtle Beach Jet SkiI was taking a look around for some details on Seadoo Jet Ski covers and encountered some truly intriguing information on the background of Jet Skis and individual watercraft (jet skis) as a whole. I am a little bit of a background aficionado so I put off the Seadoo cover search and gobbled up a little history lesson.

I had always thought that Jet Skis were an innovation of the late 1980s or very early 1990s. In one sense that is appropriate. One of the most modern and also considerable growths in the area of PWCs happened post 1988. However, to restrict your feeling of history to that era doesn't give you a correct point of view on the evolution of Jet Skis.

Back in the mid to late 1960s, the Canadian Bombardier family was active making the ever preferred Ski-doo snowmobiles. The household began to toss around the suggestion of making a snow sled that took a trip on water. They swiftly became excited about this project and began to make some preliminary styles of different kinds of prototypes. After running into some design problems they heard about an American banker turned innovator named Jacobsen that was having fun with a similar project design.

Jacobsen had an interest in bikes and his desire was to develop a machine much like a motorbike that would travel on water. Jacobsen as well as Bombardier joined forces. Eventually, Jacobsen had made the initial Jet Ski. Bombardier acquired the rights from Jacobsen as well as included the trademark yellow and also black coloring from their popular Ski-doo snowmobiles. Bombardier likewise made and desiged the yellow as well as black jet ski covers. Bombardier generated these Jet Skis as well as provided them to the marketplace in 1968 as well as 1969.

The Bombardier Jet Skis were limited by the current market technology of the times. The 1968 engine was air cooled. This presented a problem as the hull had not been sufficient enough to enable the appropriate air flow. In 1969, the style was transformed to permit a liquid cooled down engine. This aided a little bit there were various other hurdles to get over. A lot of these Jet Skis were marketed on the east coastline as well as utilized in seawater. The salt corroded vital operation parts. Apparently Jacobsen had some suggestions to improve the engine and also reduce corrosion yet these suggestions were not taken on by the Bombardier family.

After a few false starts the Bombardier family moth balled the idea of the contemporary jet  ski for twenty years. Jacobsen got the legal rights to his ideas and joined forces with Kawasaki. While at Kawasaki, Jacobsen cultivated the first Jet-Ski that was not a Seadoo. The background of individual boat is colorful as well as intriguing.

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