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Why You Should Rent Jet Skis In Myrtle Beach

Rent-Jet-Skis-Myrtle-Beach-300x200.jpgIf you're going to be traveling to Myrtle Beach, you'll want to make sure you enjoy your time there. Going to a place like Myrtle Beach isn't something that you'll be able to do every day. If you're visiting this location, you should try to make the most of it. You should definitely think about renting jet skis from Action Water Sportz in the Myrtle Beach area. Here's why you should look into jet ski rentals. Jet Skis are an inexpensive way to enjoy the waterfront Some vacation activities are prohibitively expensive. If you only have a limited amount of cash to spend on your trip, then you should try to use the money that you do have wisely. In most cases, renting a jet ski isn't going to cost you a ton of money. It's true that these kinds of rentals can be expensive. Thankfully, you have plenty of options in a place like Myrtle Beach. If you take the time to explore these options, then you should be able to find something that you can comfortably afford. It's Something That You Can Do Alone Or In A Group If you're traveling alone, you'll be able to have a lot of fun with a jet ski rental. It's something that you can easily do when you are out on the water alone. However, renting a jet ski -- or jet skis -- is also something that you can do with a group of people. Everyone in your group can rent their own jet ski if you'd like. No matter who is on your trip, you should be able to make jet skis a part of it. Young teens and adults will both be able to enjoy jet skis. They're A Great Way To Enjoy The Water The weather tends to be beautiful in Myrtle Beach. However, if you're not a big fan of swimming, you may not get a lot out of the water. Thankfully, there are other ways to have fun on the beach. Renting a jet ski is one of the best ways to have fun on the water. You can hop on a jet ski, hit the water, and have an amazing time. You'll be able to make the most of your location. It's Easy To Control A Jet Ski Water skiing can be challenging, especially if you have never done something like that before. In contrast, it is very easy to figure out how to control a jet ski. You'll be able to figure things out in no time at all. If you do decide to rent a jet ski, you will be able to use it without any problems. You won't have to waste any time figuring things out. You'll just be able to enjoy the jet ski. Do you want to rent jet skis in Myrtle Beach? If you do want to rent jet skis, then you should start looking at your options. Water recreation can really enhance your trip. There are so many great reasons to rent a jet ski.

Call one of our convenient locations today to rent your personal watercraft and be prepared for a lot of fun.

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Seven Jet Ski Rentals Myrtle Beach Guidelines and Safety Reminders

Jet-Ski-Rental_Myrtle-Beach_SC-300x209.jpgThe following guide intends to provide you a couple of safety reminders along with the low-down on jet ski rentals Myrtle Beach guidelines and rules. These will get you started in driving your jet ski safely and in the proper way while still having fun.

Important Guidelines and Safety Rules on Jet Ski Rental Myrtle Beach

  1. Always know your Jet Ski Right of Way
Boats and other industrial and fishing vessels constantly have the proper way to drive it. Be reminded that when you meet another jet ski, always stay on the right. Always keep in mind that when you are about to cross paths with another jet ski, the watercraft on the right side always has the right of way.
  1. Be Conscious of other Jet Ski riders
Constantly be on the watch for traffic on the water.  It is best to know where other Jet skis are and where they are heading prior to making a turn or cross a wake. Unfortunately, crashes are the most typical kind of mishap when jet skiing-- so pay specific attention to what other craft are around you and where they are going.
  1. What to do when it comes to wave and wake jumping?
If your path takes you through the wake of another Jet Ski, make certain that the craft does not block both your own presence and your presence to others as well. Bigger boats might not see you, and might not be able to leave to avoid impact.
  1. Become Familiar with Jet Skis Operating Speeds
Jet ski rentals Myrtle Beach speed limitations are typically set by South Carolina guidelines or by-laws, so follow the limitations, whether they are published or not. It is your obligation to understand the local speed limitation set by governing bodies, and failure to keep to it might get you penalized-- or even worse still, get involved in an accident. In busy locations, it may be a good idea to reduce your speed appropriately, simply as you would if you were driving on the road.
  1. Use the correct safety equipment for your Jet Skis
Use an authorized life vest and safety glasses to avoid water spray from obscuring your vision. Athletic shoe or deck shoes and gloves provide better control of your Jet Ski, while a wet fit supplies protection from certain elements in the water. A whistle connected to your life vest can be utilized to call for aid in case of an emergency.
  1. Always use the security lanyard for your Jet Ski
Avoid driving your Jet Ski without the safety lanyard connected to you. The main function of the lanyard is to immediately stop the Jet Ski’s engine in case you fall from it. This security function can help avoid accidents so always make use of it.
  1. Typical Jet Ski sounds
Understand the typical sound that your Jet Ski makes. The very best method to prevent sound grievances is to prevent running at high speed close to the coastline, waterside residential or commercial properties, and other boaters. You need to likewise lower sound early in the early morning. In addition, constantly begin the Jet Ski’s engine in the water, and heat up the engine before you set off. Another most common and yet very important reminder when riding a jet ski is to know how to share the water with fellow Jet Ski riders, swimmers, surfers, and anglers. You must keep your range and regard their rights to security, gain access to and usage of the water.

It is important to practice safety while driving, even with your Jet Ski. For a worry-free Jet Ski fun, call Action Water Sportz or book online.

Action Water Sportz 1525 13th Ave N North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (843) 280-4100 Action Water Sportz Barefoot Landing 2051 Bridge View Ct North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 843-390-3333 Action Water Sportz Little River 4430 Kingsport Road Little River SC 29566 843-280-3100

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Why Jet Ski Rentals Myrtle Beach Are The Undisputed King of Myrtle Beach Wavers

Jet-Ski-Rental_Myrtle_Beach-300x200.jpgJet Ski Rentals Myrtle Beach

Let's deal with it - a large influx of travelers visit Myrtle Beach for the weather and beaches. It's no surprise, as there are countless beaches to choose from, all with their fair share of destinations and marvel. For travelers and residents alike, Myrtle Beach beaches are a continuous source of happiness and enjoyment. Nonetheless, while downtown Myrtle Beach has its boardwalk and North Myrtle Beach has its small-town appeal, all the beaches have one significant thing in common - jet skis. Surfing and tanning may be popular, however, one look at the beaches and it's clear which activity transcends all others. Jet Ski rentals Myrtle Beach essentially control the beach. Unlike surfing, which is more restricted to a certain population, this activity is a fun, inexpensive activity for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. With numerous reputable companies to choose from and the beaches to support them, it is no surprise that tourists from all over include jet skiing in their itinerary. The high variety of rental shops in the area keeps costs low and makes the activity quickly available. While practically all beaches provide some sort of access to renting, the activity is incredibly popular in certain locations. Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach waters are understood to be full in high season (these beaches are not ideal for those looking for a roomy, quiet ocean). There are lots of jet ski rentals Myrtle Beach at these beaches, which leads to their occasional overcrowding in spite of the fact that they have to ride beyond surf lines. While this activity is popular at the beaches, it is likewise easily accessible on the inter-coastal waterway. Little River and North Myrtle Beach are great areas to ride the waterway away from the crowd at the beaches. Watch our video below to see how great this area can be. Make sure that you fully understand the rules for jet-skis and have gone through a safety course before venturing out into the open waterway or seashore. Also, check your sunscreen - you can get a bad sunburn while jet-skiing if you are not careful. Myrtle Beach is a great area to enjoy nature - including dolphin watching. Despite the development of brand-new entertainment choices in the local area, jet skiing is poised to continue to be a favorite for a long time. From the beaches to the waterways, there countless areas to take part in this activity. It is family friendly and light on your wallet, making it an option for anybody. Myrtle Beach Jet Ski rentals are a well-established part of the areas summer activities.

Call us or stop by one of our three local locations to schedule your family jet ski rental today. Action Water Sportz 1525 13th Ave N North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (843) 280-4100 Action Water Sportz Barefoot Landing 2051 Bridge View Ct North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 843-390-3333 Action Water Sportz Little River 4430 Kingsport Road Little River SC 29566 843-280-3100

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Make The Most Out of Your Jet Ski Rental

Jet-Ski-Rental_Myrtle-Beach-1-300x200.jpgImagine having your own personal watercraft where you have the opportunity to have tons of fun out in the water. But there’s just one problem, it’s not that easy to own one given the expensive price tag on these Jet Skis or watercraft. Nevertheless, this does not have to hinder you to try your hand at water sporting activities. The good news is several individual watercraft including Jet Skis are offered on rent for a portion of their purchase price, so you don't have to spend so much in owning your personal watercraft or Jet Ski. Come to think of it, renting a Jet Ski also makes it easier if you are traveling to a getaway destination that has stunning waters. If you were to own a Jet Ski, it would be exceptionally expensive to move the watercraft to your vacation location; so, let’s just focus on how you can lease a watercraft.

Jet Ski Rentals in Myrtle Beach

Obviously, you will need to present a credit card or pay cash in your chosen Jet Ski rental establishment. Initially, it would be best to ask friends, family or even Jet Ski rental companies regarding the charges for renting boats. You would be surprised that there are establishments that provide watercraft rentals for an hour, a day and even a couple of weeks to fit the client’s needs. If you plan to take a trip or indulge in water sporting activities during the summer season, it would certainly be best to lease a Jet Ski before you arrive at your vacation destination since a lot of boats may have been rented even before the peak period. You will also need to plan your jet water activity because numerous Jet Ski rental facilities will bill you by the hour so if you do not wish to book the boat for the whole day, you could save a fair bit on rental fees. Additionally, you could obtain a considerable discount rate if you rent out the watercraft in the early morning as opposed to the afternoon. If it’s your first time to ride a watercraft, you can ask about jet ski lessons that go with the rental rates. For first-time jet skiers, they are advised to take additional lessons for them to recognize the local guidelines and also be aware of the safety and security procedure. Jet Ski rentals in the majority of states are run by people of every age But there are some cities that regulate jet ski operations to a certain age; nonetheless, in the remaining states,as long as you are over the age of 16, you can run a boat and the passenger could be of any type of age.

There are several things you need to do before renting a jet ski like:

  • leave a security deposit
  • sign a responsibility waiver in addition to any guests that you intend to bring.
  • A safety and security briefing (generally offered before you sign the waiver).
If you are already a skilled jet ski operator, you could also rent stand up jet ski models which could be used to add a little fun to your activity. Using these models will give you the opportunity to showcase your riding prowess. Just be reminded that the stand variations will certainly cost you more than the normal designs. You should also remember to make prior reservations since only a few establishments supply these sophisticated models and also they seldom have more than two or 3 boats of the kind. You should also take note that some states require two individuals on a jet ski or watercraft. So why not tag a friend along to add more fun in the water.

If you have not tried renting a watercraft yet, you are losing out on a great deal of adventure; Renting your own jet ski should be on your list if you are taking a vacation to Myrtle Beach. Give us a call to jump-start your dream vacation.

  Action Water Sportz 1525 13th Ave N North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (843) 280-4100 Action Water Sportz Barefoot Landing 2051 Bridge View Ct North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 843-390-3333 Action Water Sportz Little River 4430 Kingsport Road Little River sc 29566 843-280-3100 Areas Served: North Myrtle Beach, Little River, Longs, Myrtle Beach, Calabash NC, Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle Beach NC, Shallotte NC, Conway, Loris, Tabor City NC, Supply NC, Murrells Inlet, Green Sea

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Dolphin Facts You Need To Know Before Your Dolphin Watch Tour

Dolphin-Tours_Myrtle-Beach-300x229.jpgYou’ve been planning a great sea adventure with the family and you decide to take the kids along. Then why not take them on a dolphin watch tour so they can appreciate nature and its wonderful creatures. To get them ready for the big dolphin sea adventure, it’s important that they become interested in what they are about to see. You can do this by sharing some important facts regarding dolphins.

Important Facts About Dolphins

Did you know that dolphins are very intelligent and are well-loved by humans? There are 43 different species of dolphins, 38 of these are marine dolphins while 5 are river dolphins. When you go on a jet ski dolphin tour, you’re lucky if you see dolphins leaping 30 feet up from the water to get some air. You can easily recognize dolphins with their grayish blue color. Did you know that dolphins have the most effective hearing in the world? While it holds true that dolphins have an impressive hearing, the "best hearing" title goes to the moth. The truth is Dolphins are renowned for their capability to listen to unbelievably high frequencies. This is why they are especially experienced at making use of echolocation in locating as well as interaction. Did you know that dolphins are hairless? This statement may not necessarily be true in the early stages of a dolphin’s life. Youthful dolphins are typically born with hair, which tends to fall out not long after birth. Dolphins frequently have hair around their nose but these also fall out so grown-up dolphins are practically hairless. However, their hair roots can still be observed. Did you know that when dolphins are around, sharks steer clear? This is a fascinating idea concerning dolphins that could not be totally verified somehow. While a lot of anecdotal proof suggest that sharks could be afraid of dolphins that they typically steer clear of them. Studies show that sharks do not really fear dolphins, others assume that sharks just try to stay away from dolphins in a group. Did you know that the Orca or what they the “Killer Whale” is actually a dolphin? There’s actually a little confusion right there, the Orca is called as such not because it’s a whale that kills but because these dolphins actually kill whales. Did you know that you can get guided dolphin tour in Myrtle Beach? Action Water Sportz offers a guided Dolphin Watch Trip on their brand new Jet Ski. The trip lasts about two hours so you need to bring essentials on your way.

If you want to schedule a trip, you can book online or visit Action Water Sportz in Myrtle Beach.

  Action Water Sportz 1525 13th Ave N North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (843) 280-4100 Action Water Sportz Barefoot Landing 2051 Bridge View Ct North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 843-390-3333 Action Water Sportz Little River 4430 Kingsport Road Little River sc 29566 843-280-3100

Five Simple Jet Ski and Boating Safety Tips

Jet-Ski-Safety-Myrtle-Beach-300x181.jpgMarch has already started and people in Myrtle Beach knows what this means—Spring. Thus, this is the time for family fun activities such as jet ski and other water sports. With many colleges and universities starting on their Spring Break, it is just ideal for Boating and jet skiing to be the most popular activity. However, with boating constantly comes the threat of avoidable mishaps and injuries. Every year individuals throughout the state are harmed in various mishaps on the water. According to the South Carolina Boating Safety Education, recently there have been over 3,000 boating-related casualties every year. Most of those mishaps take place on conventional motorboats and a lot more strike on individual boat and jet-skis. Drowning and injury triggered by accidents are the two most typical injuries impacting water tourists.

Jet Ski and Boating Safety Tips

If you plan to have a wonderful summer with lots of water activities, it is important to learn about safety and precautions first. Prior to getting on the water and taking pleasure in the sun, take a minute to evaluate some fundamental boating and jet ski precautions.
  1. Be aware of the dangers of alcohol
Numerous boating mishaps happen when drivers are under the influence of alcohol. Just as soon as the Spring Break starts, mixed drinks and other spirits is a typical part of numerous water events. It is definitely crucial that tourists comprehend the dangers of over-indulging on the water. State laws deal with BUI (Boating Under the Influence) simply as they do intoxicated driving. Simply put, never ever drive a boat or rent a jet ski while intoxicated and prevent tourists who have consumed excessive amounts of alcohol.
  1. Life Jackets
Sometimes the most simple rules are the hardest to follow. Just as wearing life vests, simply use them. Drowning injuries and death are the single most typical water-accident. When life vests are used, the danger of drowning is significantly reduced. This is especially real for more youthful boaters.
  1. Only trained drivers (with licenses) should be allowed to use boats and jet skis
The logic is the same with driving in an interstate; nobody wants to come across an inexperienced driver, more so without a license. Studies suggest that driving errors is accountable for 3 out of every 4 boating mishaps. Be sure that trained or experiences drivers are only allowed to use jet skis or boats.
  1. Be sure to check equipment safety
No matter how cautious you are on the water, if your equipment is malfunctioning, then mishaps can strike. Prior to heading out, it is wise to carry out a "Vessel Check." This is to guarantee your boat or Jet Ski remains in perfect working condition and that suitable security equipment exists. It is not an exaggeration that even a basic pre-trip check can be the distinction in between life and death.
  1. Know your limit
Specific boating environments are more unsafe than others. If the weather condition takes a turn for the worse and the water appears uncontrollable, it is better to play it safe. If a specific location appears overcrowded, it might be recommended to prevent snowboarding, tubing, or utilizing jetskis where the accident is high.+

Be sure to follow boating and jet ski safety rules before you go on your unforgettable water adventure. Book your schedule online!

Action Water Sportz 1525 13th Ave N North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (843) 280-4100 Action Water Sportz Barefoot Landing 2051 Bridge View Ct North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 843-390-3333 Action Water Sportz Little River 4430 Kingsport Road Little River SC 29566 843-280-3100