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Have A Fun Filled Vacation With Jet Ski Rentals

jet-ski-300x168.jpgYou can’t ignore the value of renting a jet ski, especially if you are someone who loves spending hours at the lake or beach. There’s just something unique and exciting about feeling the spray of lake or beach water on your face as you ride a jet ski through the waves. If you really want to experience this, then you have to get a jet ski.

Choosing A Company Offering Jet Ski Rentals

In case you are interested in a jet ski rental, then you need to know what the facilities they offer aside from the jet ski itself. You also need to determine if they are accommodating. You need to go with a company that is committed to serving their clients especially when it comes to the jet ski model offered, rental time, and the safety gear needed. A good jet ski rental company offers classes on how to operate the water craft safely while a few companies offer training on how to operate the personal water craft for those who do not know how to use it yet. They should provide all the safety gear including the flotation devices, life jackets as well as fire extinguishers. Several establishments also provide maps at cheaper prices. When choosing a jet ski rental, you are given two options. You can go with a company that is located at the marina or a rental company that is located away from the beach where you plan to use the water vehicle. If you choose the latter you need to have the extra money for towing the jet ski to the beach or lake. So if you don’t want to pay additional towing charges, then go with the first option.

Know What You Need In A Jet Ski

This is a crucial part of a jet ski rental Myrtle Beach procedure. In case you have a good idea of what you need, then you will be able to save on the rental charges. Know the cost of the jet ski rental in the area where you plan to use the water vehicle. You have to determine how long you plan to use the jet ski and what model you would like to rent. A lot of businesses impose a limit on the number of days allowed to rent their water vehicle. But there are others who offer an hourly rental. If you are considering a jet ski rental on your vacation; you need to reserve ahead of time because you might find it difficult to get the jet ski model you like because there will be other people who want to use it as well. If you don’t know how to operate the jet ski then ask the provider to help you with the operation and safety instructions.

Call Action Action Water Sportz if you are thinking of renting a jet ski during your vacation in Myrtle Beach.

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Protect Yourself From The Sun’s Heat This Spring

Jet-Ski-North-Myrtle-Beach-300x199.jpgThe coming of Spring in South Carolina brings myriad of possibilities to enjoy the sun! You get to experience calm and windy days prior to the blistering warmth and humidity of summertime. As the days become longer and you anticipate spending time with your family, always remember to grab some sunblock to avoid sunburn. The sun’s direct heat is more damaging on the water. Let’s face it, when you’re out boating in the intercoastal waterways of Myrtle Beach, there are no trees to block you from the sun’s damaging heat. A sail could offer some reprieve from the obvious sunlight but the real issue is that the sunshine does not simply radiate down. It likewise shows off and reflects on the water. This magnifies the degree of sun exposure when you and your family are out on the water. It even becomes more dangerous when you add it to the UV rays from the jet ski itself.

How To Protect Yourself From Sun Exposure

  1. Your Sunblock is your primary protection.Considering that daytime is a more recommended time for safe boating in the intercoastal waterway, which is about 10 AM to 3 PM. However, this is also the time of day when the sun’s heat is directly downward. It is important that you get ready for your getaway to avoid burns, lasting skin damages, as well as eye damages. Sunblock is your very first line of protection. UVA and also UVB rays are practically types of radiation sent out by the sunlight and they strike the skin in different ways. UVA traveling deeper right into the skin and is in charge of a solar flare, premature aging, as well as wrinkles. UVB rays, on the other hand, trigger prompt damages through sunburns, which could result in skin cancer cells in time.
Sunblock with high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is what you just need to help you and your family avoid harmful UVA and UVB rays. Make sure that you use at least 15 SPF to protect your skin. If you intend to schedule the entire day on the watercraft taking pleasure in the water, select a much greater variation with 55 SPF and even 70 SPF. Ensure you use sun block to all revealed skin.
  1. Your next line of protection is to wear appropriate clothing. When you recognize you will certainly be out in the sunlight for extended periods of time this springtime, take into consideration obstructing the sunlight's unsafe rays with tightly-woven garments. There are clothes in the market that are particularly developed to be UV safe. Numerous stores, as well as magazines, currently supply apparel with high UPF score so you recognize the degree of defense provided. With your normal garments, there is a casual examination you could go to obtain a suggestion of the defense supplied. If you could quickly see your hand via one layer of textile when you radiate a light on the textile, you are not obtaining much security. The tighter the weave, the more probable the clothes will certainly protect you from the sun’s direct heat.
  2. Always remember to wear a hat with at the very least a 4-inch border on all sides for optimal sun security. Baseball caps are alright, however, they leave ears as well as necks revealed so you will absolutely require sun block to protect them. Caps with fabric that drapes from the sides and also back likewise offer great protection. Bear in mind, despite having wonderful hats, you will certainly still require sun block to safeguard from reflective light. Select close-fitting sunglasses that supply 100% UV defense to stop damages to the eyes.

Enjoy riding in your Jet Ski rental in the intercoastal waterways of Myrtle Beach when you know you’re protected from the sun’s direct heat. It’s time to take your family out on a ride in your Jet Ski when you call Action Water Sportz.

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Boat Rentals or Charters: Which is the best option?

boat-rentals-1-300x200.jpgUnless you’ve have been going on vacations alone, you know very well that family members usually fight as to where to go and what to do during the getaway. Even if your loved ones are picky when it comes to their preferred activities during the vacation, you will surely find something to enjoy together on the boat rentals during summer. There are simply several activities you can do like sun tanning, sailing, fishing, as well as different water sports like tubing, water skiing, wakeboarding, and many more.

Why Go For Boat Rentals

In case you don’t want to spend all of your savings to buy a boat, but still would like to enjoy riding one every now and then, you should go for boat rentals Myrtle Beach. Boat rentals or charters is way easier than it seems. In case renting will serve your purposes more, there are several firms that offer this kind of services. Some firms charge by the hour while others charger per day, per week, or even per month. The prices are often reasonable and you can choose a boat that will serve your purpose and let you have some fun. In case you would like to enjoy your vacation differently, you should consider chartering a boat. Paying for a boat charter is different than pontoon boat rentals. Chartering is much like going on a cruise. The majority of charter companies have to meet a certain number of passengers and some of them go out for a minimum of three days. A charter could cost between $1000 and $10000 based on the destination. In case you would to like to charter a boat or sailboat, you will most probably cook and clean up after yourselves, which is a great way for charters to differentiate itself from a cruise. Charters offer several amenities that cruises have as well, you just need to pay more for them in most cases. The majority of boat rental firms require their renters to have a boating license, to guarantee that their boat is safe. That means if you do not have one, you need to take a test weeks before your planned getaway. But, these firms tend to charge more money for the insurance, just as car rental firms do. It is highly recommended to buy insurance, unless your car insurance firm covers recreational vehicle rentals in your insurance policy. Boat rentals are affordable and highly suitable for you and your loved ones for a couple of days in the summer. In case you know of other families who would like to go on a vacation with yours then a charter is the best way to go. You should go for the luxury of a cruise because it offers more control and privacy.

Call Action Water Sportz if you are thinking of boat rentals for your upcoming vacation in Myrtle Beach.

Action Water Sportz 1525 13th Ave N North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (843) 280-4100 http://www.actionwatersportz.com/ Action Water Sportz Barefoot Landing 2051 Bridge View Ct North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 843-390-3333 Action Water Sportz Little River 4430 Kingsport Road Little River SC 29566 843-280-3100


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Why Rent A Pontoon Boat?

pontoon-boat-rental-1-225x300.jpgIn case you are searching for a simple and fun way to get out on the water as you visit Myrtle Beach, you have to look into a pontoon boat rental. These huge boats come with a lot of benefits that would certainly help you have a memorable day out with your family and friends or an excellent way to see go around on water while you are on vacation.

Reasons To Rent A Pontoon Boat

Space pontoon boats are huge enough for the entire family and then some. This is really advantageous if you are traveling with a big group, or are trying to play a major group activity for friends or family. Attempting to get everybody involved in a water activity at the same time could be quite tricky, especially when you are dealing with different generations of people who most likely have varying energy levels and interest as well as mobility. However, pontoon rentals are fun and easy for people of different ages, and could easily cater a dozen of people and as coolers as well as other storage for things you have to bring with you for your water adventure. Flexibility – although there are several ways to get out on the water as you are here in the Myrtle Beach area, not every one of them have the exact same flexibility level as a pontoon boat. In case you go for a pontoon boat rental Myrtle Beach, you can go for simple boat rides, as you head out to spots where you could jump in the water and have some swimming time or perhaps for fishing. Additionally, when you have had your share of fun, you are able to return in and at any time you could please, provided that you adhere to the terms of your signed rental agreement. You can take full control of your own fun. Parties -  In case you are considering throwing a party, there is no better boat compared to a pontoon boat. Take coolers as well as ice chests with your favorite drinks and food – just be sure that whoever is driving the boat is not consuming any alcohol. They are party friendly, which make them great options for bachelorette and bachelor parties as well as family reunions. Water Slides – several pontoon boats that are double decker come with slides that are water powered that brings the fun to a whole new level. Slide down from the top of the boat and then splash into the water. You can do this over and over again. It is an experience that several people enjoy when they go for a pontoon boat rental and you will surely have an amazing time.

These are only a few of the reasons why you should rent pontoon boats for your next vacation in Myrtle Beach. Call Action Water Sportz if you want to know more.

Veronica Hughes August 9 ·  We had the best family time today! We did a 1 hour jet ski trip. We had the best guide, Kate. We were headed to bird island, and Kate saw the shrimp boats and asked us if we wanted to see dolphins. Boy did we see dolphins!!!!! We had an awesome time and wish we had done 2 hours. Kate was so much fun and she gave us great instructions and took great care of the whole family( we had 3,16 year olds). If you want to have an exciting time at Myrtle Beach then go to Action Water Sportz and ask for Kate!!! Action Water Sportz 1525 13th Ave N North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (843) 280-4100 http://www.actionwatersportz.com/ Action Water Sportz Barefoot Landing 2051 Bridge View Ct North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 843-390-3333 Action Water Sportz Little River 4430 Kingsport Road Little River SC 29566 843-280-3100


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Dos and Don’ts When Going on A Dolphin Trip

dolphin-watching-1-300x199.jpgYour Myrtle Beach vacation will not be complete without going on a dolphin watching. A close encounter with these adorable and friendly dolphins can make your vacation truly unforgettable and fun-filled. Although this exciting water adventure is for kids and adults as well, you still need to know the dos and don’ts to ensure that you will have a tour that is enjoyable and stress free.

Things To Do During Your Dolphin Trip

Choose the best tour – if you are a morning person or you like dolphin watching during the afternoon, it is important to choose correctly. The dolphin trip watching Myrtle Beach provider may be able to provide you the best package that is based on your preference. It’s good to ask the tour provider so you will get an idea what tour is most suitable for you and your family. Wear the right kind of equipment – if you are going on a dolphin tour, you have to make sure that you bring with you the right equipment. Don’t forget to wear your life vests and consider brining with you polarized glasses and a hat. Just remember that things could easily blow off at high speeds, so choose ones that have straps or those that fit you snugly. Take pictures – your dolphin watching tour is going to be an exciting experience, taking some wonderful photos would make the memory last for a lifetime. Several great underwater creatures would greet you during the tour and surely you do not want to miss out on interacting with them. Unless of course you are a local in this place, you will only see these marvellous creatures seldom. Take with you a water proof camera so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet when you are taking snaps. Take videos – Apart from a camera, you also need to have a video recorder. Although you could record amazing moments using your mobile phones, it won’t be as precise as a video camera or video recorder. Let dolphins swim to you – if you are encounter dolphins, allow them to swim to you instead of you going after them. Although it is understandable that you would like to get closer to them, dolphins also need to be careful. If you attempt to follow them, you may wind up scaring them. The best thing to do is float on the water calmly.

Things You Shouldn’t Do When On A Dolphin Trip

Be afraid when they come near you – it is a wonderful experience if you come across wild dolphins. If you have not had any chance to encounter these creatures in the past, it is only natural for you to feel frightened because you are trying to do something that you are not familiar with. Keep in mind that dolphins are friendly and have been even known to help rescue humans from the verge of drowning. The tour guides will help set your expectations so you could watch the dolphins play with you without any fear. Touch or Feed The Dolphins Wild dolphins should remain wild. These animals reside in well populated areas and might seem friendly and ready to play with people. However, that does not mean you should pet them. Keep a good distance and keep your hands to yourself unless the activity calls for you to pet them. Always remember, it is against federal law to harass or feed dolphins. Forget to enjoy and have fun – you could make the most out of your dolphin trip if you enjoy every second of it. Interacting with dolphins is an exciting activity so be sure that you have a good view of these amazing underwater creatures. You are going to have a memorable vacation in case you include a dolphin trip in your to-do list.

Call Action Water Sportz if you are thinking of going on a dolphin trip during your Myrtle Beach vacation.

Action Water Sportz 1525 13th Ave N North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (843) 280-4100 http://www.actionwatersportz.com/ Action Water Sportz Barefoot Landing 2051 Bridge View Ct North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 843-390-3333 Action Water Sportz Little River 4430 Kingsport Road Little River SC 29566 843-280-3100