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Jet ski rentals can provide you and your loved ones a day of adventure and fun without having to own one, which could be an expensive investment. One of the many good things about jet ski rentals is that all you have to do is make a reservation instead of towing the watercraft to the beach or lake. Therefore, you do not have to worry about covering the cost of its repair and maintenance, storage, oil changes, and even the registration fee.

Benefits of Jet Ski Rentals


Jet ski rentals in Myrtle Beach are cost effective and a good buy especially if you are considering having a fun vacation or weekend with family and friends. It is a wonderful idea for an unforgettable summer’s day. The cost depends on where you wish to spend half of your day or the entire day on your jet skis. Some jet skis and boat marinas charge an hourly rate of $30 for daily jet ski rentals while others offer boat rentals and jet ski rentals that amounts to as much as $75 per hour. As mentioned earlier, the price will be determined by where you wish to go on a getaway.


A PWC or personal watercraft is just like a snowmobile that’s designed for water. Skis are used for freestyle and racing events. The major manufacturers are Yamaha, Polaris, Bombardier, and Kawasaki.

Rental Requirements

If you would like to secure any Sea Doo or jet ski rentals, you generally need a valid driver’s license and a credit card. Apart from that, most jet ski rental companies require their clients to pay a down payment if you wish to make a reservation.

PWC, Jet Skis, Waverunners

Although jet skis are manufactured by Kawasaki and Yamaha produced Waverunners, a lot of people have used these as generic terms for any kind of PWC or personal watercraft. It’s extremely common for a person to mention any of these things but really mean some kind of watercraft.


The majority of jet skis can be utilised for different waterways like rivers, oceans, and lakes. You can consider like your very own little personal boats that allows you to go anywhere you like including places where you can bring your conventional motor boat.

Keep it safe

If you have never tried to operate this kind of vehicle, you may find jet ski rentals that come with safety and training information. In case you are well verse with the general operation of each vehicle and rules of the water way, you can be sure that the jet ski rentals are safe as long as you do your part by driving carefully and following the rules.

You should also get a life vest, which is another important safety equipment that you should not forget. PWCs run really fast and that’s why it is crucial to wear a flotation device all the time.

A jet ski rental is well worth the money you spend because it will surely give you a fun summer adventure. Go on a PWC adventure and enjoy a memorable family outing.

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The first quarter of 2019 has already passed. How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along?  As you know from past experience, you can get so caught up in the everyday bustle of life that you forget all about what you set out to accomplish in 2019.  If one of your resolutions is to set out for more adventure, look no further than jet ski rental at Action Water Sportz.

Whether you have always wondered about jet skis or you have never even thought about taking a ride on one, for great adventure it’s a great time for you and your family. Racing across the water on a jet ski is a memorable experience, and it will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your summer. If you need any more convincing, the following are some of the numerous reasons that a jet ski rental in Myrtle Beach is an excellent addition to your bucket list.

Reason To Rent a Jet Ski in Myrtle Beach
One of the main reasons that people lease jet skis is due to the fact that it gives them an incredible excitement without the risk. You don’t need to go skydiving or cruise around the globe to take part in a thrilling experience. Renting a jet ski can be the most enjoyable adventure you ever have, and as long as you wear a lifejacket and follow the proper guidelines in riding a jet ski, it is exceptionally safe. You can even ride with a friend if you do not want to do it alone for the very first time. At Action Water Sportz we provide a guide with every group of jet ski participants so you and your family save whether they are on the waterway or an ocean ride.

Jet skiing are also a great way to leave the monotony that often sets in towards the end of summer. Whether you are preparing a late getaway or you live in Myrtle Beach, you might be looking for something new to do rather than the usual routine. Hop on a jet ski and within seconds you will not be tired any longer.

Finally, the last reason why we believe you need to try riding a jet ski is it is something fun and new to experience. You might be cautious at first, but trust us when we say you will be returning for another ride as quickly as your very first ride is over. Whether you want to go alone or with a buddy or member of the family, riding jet skis will be the highlight of your summer or other time of the year.

As your resource for boat rentals in North Myrtle Beach, we are here to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions in check. This is one resolution that is fun to keep and we want you to know that we’re here to help! Getting outdoors and being active has never been more enjoyable than with Action Water Sportz Jet Ski and Pontoon Boat Rental. Whether you want to get physical and try your hand at skiing, or you simply just want to start getting outdoors again, we’ve got the solution to your resolution!

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The summer season has finally come and people are looking for and planning affordable and fun outdoor activities that all their family members will enjoy. One excellent option is to take your family out for an exciting jet ski rental adventure.

Renting a jet ski, also known as personal watercraft or wave runners, is a safe and affordable method for your entire family to experience a fun day out on the water. If you have been searching for an excellent family-friendly day trip or day with your close friends but don’t know how to use them, here are a few things you need to know.

Jet Ski Rental: A Brief Background

jet ski rental in Myrtle Beach is a motorized vehicle that someone rides on top of the water like rivers, lakes, bays, and oceans. It is comparable to a snowmobile or motorcycles and are used on water instead of snow or land. Imagine it like a personal sized boat. Although the technical term for this kind of water vehicle is a personal watercraft, a lot of people refer to them as wave runners or jet skis.

These two are actually brand names but today, jet skis and wave runners are used to refer to the vehicle instead of the vehicle’s manufacturer. All of these three terms (personal watercrafts, jet skis, and wave runners) could be utilized interchangeably to refer to these water vehicles.

Although there are some people who consider these vehicles risky and dangerous, the truth is that they are safe as long as you have been trained on how to use them properly and if you follow all the local and federal rules and regulations that govern them. A lot of people would not like to spend their vacations reading up on local and federal rules and regulations.

However, if you choose a reputable jet ski rental company, their staff can help you and even teach you all the fundamental information that you need to know. The majority of those who offer jet ski rentals require every client to take a short tutorial before going on their water adventure. Every local has varying rules about jet skiing, and that is why it is highly suggested that everyone, both newbie and experienced riders review the safety rules as well as local regulations before going on a ride.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Jet Ski Rental

  1. Does the jet ski rental company provide safety lessons as well as training especially for new clients?
  2. Are the staff members ready to answer all questions you might have about the use and the safety of the jet skis?
  3. Where is the facility located in terms of the bodies of water you would like to visit?
  4. Do they have a method to transport their jet ski rentals to and from the water? If yes, is there an additional fee?
  5. In case you are planning to go for a jet ski rental as a day trip on port of bigger vacation, are there locations to rent these vehicles with a seasonal driving distance of where you are supposed to go.

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A beach vacation or a waterway family get together is enjoyable. But if you are thinking of adding a little excitement to your upcoming getaway, then you should be thinking about jet ski rentals.

Where to begin?

Okay. Let us say you have currently planned out every little detail and you are just adding some activities for your holiday. You are currently looking for a place where you can rent a jet ski.

There are several possible areas to look at, there are at least two practical places to start searching: the internet and the very same hotel or condo where you will be staying.

Basically, if you are putting together a plan of activities, there are options where you can include riding Myrtle Beach jet skis. These might be done online or offline. There are rental websites online where you can find available jet skis you can use for a specific period at a fixed rate.

You’ll find a lot of websites that feature jet ski rentals in Myrtle Beach. You can even book the watercraft for the entire day. Many of these sites offer other services such as pontoon boat rentals.

You can also look for the availability of jet skis once you show up in Myrtle Beach. Typically, coastline resorts, as well as other parks, have available jet skis for you to rent. Leasing in these places is more limited and also they generally price their rentals on a per hour basis.

Obviously, the freedom to choose between these two alternatives is completely yours.

Renting A Jet Ski

  • You need to keep in mind that when you lease a jet ski, you are bound by rules which resemble leasing a car. The only difference is that jet ski rentals have safety equipment included.
  • Included in the rental fee is the equipment you would need when you are making waves either on the ocean or on the waterway.
  • Majority of rental websites (whether online or offline) require drivers to be at least 16 years old with a legitimate driver’s license and also a major credit

To avail yourself of a jet ski rental in Myrtle Beach, browse through the numerous websites on the internet and ask about how you can rent their jet skis. You could also call or email your hotel or condo management company or the place where you will spend your vacation and inquire if they have any available jet skis for rent.

Action Water Sportz provides jet ski rentals in Myrtle Beach. Call us today to discuss your vacation plans and how a jet ski rental could be the highlight of your vacation.

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You are planning a family vacation and want to find things you can do together. Riding jet ski rentals isn’t something you should leave off your bucket list. Your kids can go along with you as long as they have a personal flotation system and are placed between two adults if they’re very young.

Jet skiing with children is a fun and enjoyable Myrtle Beach watersports that can be enjoyed by all ages, but it requires some planning, thought and preparation.

Jet Ski Rentals: Where do you start?

Coast Guard guidelines state that children must weigh at least 18 pounds. Personal flotation devices should be able fit properly on when going out in the water using a jet ski or boat. Children should be taken on a smooth ride, and kept in calmer waters.

What should you do with your child?

If possible, it is best to place your child between two adults. Although your child might want to ride in front to feel the waves, there is a risk of their face getting into contact with the handlebars if you slow down or go through rough water. Your child will love riding on the jet ski, even if they are seated with two adults.

If your kid goes into the water, you must know how to respond.

If your child is unable to control the situation, assume there are two adults. The adult in the back should take charge and tell the driver to stop the engine. Make sure you check for potential dangers and boat traffic before you let the adult in your back get in the water. Next, swim to your child while keeping your head above water. Make sure you are able to see them clearly and then help them to get back on the watercraft.

Book jet ski rentals to take your kids on an exciting, new adventure! Call Action Water Sportz now.

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Imagine owning your personal watercraft that you can have endless fun in the water. It’s expensive to buy a Jet Ski or other watercraft, so it can be difficult to get one. However, you don’t have to be discouraged from trying your hand at water sports. You don’t need to buy a  Jet Ski, but you can rent one. Renting a Jet Ski makes it much easier to travel to beautiful destinations with stunning waters. It would be extremely expensive to transport a Jet Ski to your vacation destination.

Jet Ski Rentals at Myrtle Beach

You will be required to show a credit card or pay cash at your Jet Ski rental location. It is a good idea to first inquire about about the rental charges. It will surprise you to learn that watercraft rentals can be rented for an hour, a few hours or even longer depending on your requirements. It is a good idea to rent a Jet Ski if you are planning to go on a vacation or engage in water sports activities during summer. There may be a lot of boats available for rental even before peak periods.

Plan your jet water activity. Many Jet Ski rental companies will charge per hour. If you don’t want to rent the boat for the entire day, it could help you save some money. You could also get a significant discount if you rent the watercraft early in the morning, rather than later in the day.

You can inquire about lessons for jet skis that are included in the rental rate if you’re a first-timer on a watercraft. First-time jet skiers should take additional lessons to learn how to recognize local guidelines as well as the safety and security procedures.

Before renting a jet ski, there are several things that you should do:

  • Leave a security deposit
  • You must sign a waiver of responsibility for any guests you plan to invite.
  • A safety and security briefing is generally offered before signing the waiver.

You could rent stand-up jet ski models if you’re a proficient jet ski operator. This could add some fun to your sport. These models can be used to show off your riding skills. The stand variations will cost more than the regular designs. It is important to reserve your place in advance, as only a handful of establishments offer these models. 

It is important to note that not all states allow two people on a watercraft or jet ski. To make it more enjoyable, why not bring a friend?

You are missing out on great adventure if you don’t rent a watercraft. Renting a jet ski is a must if you plan to visit Myrtle Beach. Call us to kick-start your dream vacation.

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Jet Ski Rentals Myrtle Beach

Let’s deal with it – a large influx of travelers visit Myrtle Beach for the weather and beaches. It’s no surprise, as there are countless beaches to choose from, all with their fair share of destinations and marvel. For travelers and residents alike, Myrtle Beach beaches are a continuous source of happiness and enjoyment.

Nonetheless, while downtown Myrtle Beach has its boardwalk and North Myrtle Beach has its small-town appeal, all the beaches have one significant thing in common – jet skis. Surfing and tanning may be popular, however, one look at the beaches and it’s clear which activity transcends all others.

Jet Ski rentals essentially control the beach. Unlike surfing, which is more restricted to a certain population, this activity is a fun, inexpensive activity for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. With numerous reputable companies to choose from and the beaches to support them, it is no surprise that tourists from all over include jet skiing in their itinerary. The high variety of rental shops in the area keeps costs low and makes the activity quickly available.

While practically all beaches provide some sort of access to renting, the activity is incredibly popular in certain locations. Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach waters are understood to be full in high season (these beaches are not ideal for those looking for a roomy, quiet ocean). There are lots of jet ski rentals in Myrtle Beach at these beaches, which leads to their occasional overcrowding in spite of the fact that they have to ride beyond surf lines.

While this activity is popular at the beaches, it is likewise easily accessible on the inter-coastal waterway. Little River and North Myrtle Beach are great areas to ride the waterway away from the crowd at the beaches. Watch our video below to see how great this area can be.

Make sure that you fully understand the rules for jet-skis and have gone through a safety course before venturing out into the open waterway or seashore. Also, check your sunscreen – you can get a bad sunburn while jet-skiing if you are not careful.

Myrtle Beach is a great area to enjoy nature – including dolphin watching. Despite the development of new entertainment choices in the local area, jet skiing is poised to continue to be a favorite for a long time. From the beaches to the waterways, there countless areas to take part in this activity. It is family-friendly and light on your wallet, making it an option for anybody. Jet skiing is a well-established part of the areas summer activities.

Call Action Water Sportz or stop by one of our three local locations to schedule your family jet ski rental today.


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pontoon boat is a great option if you are looking to rent a boat for your next vacation in Myrtle Beach. We have found that pontoon boats are loved by families, particularly families with young children. 

Reasons To Ride A Pontoon Boat

1. Plenty of deck space and seating

You’re probably familiar with the difficulties of trying to confine young children to a narrow space. It’s almost impossible to keep children in motion on a boat that doesn’t have enough space.

On pontoon boat rentals, however, it’s not necessary to sit still. You will be able to move around the boat with your children. They can stand up, lie down, and even sit. You can also let your children play on the floor while you cruise Myrtle Beach’s beautiful waters.

2. You are safe and secure

Boat safety is another concern for families with young children who are into Myrtle Beach watersports. Boat safety is a major concern for families who rent boats on vacation. You may not be well-versed in jet ski and boat safety, making it difficult to keep your family safe.

Boat rentals are stable and won’t flip or cause injuries. Pontoons can be very heavy and difficult to derail. Because of the high sides around the boat, it is very unlikely that your children will fall over the side. Your kids will be safe and secure so you can relax and enjoy the water.

3. Activity Room

Because of their versatility when it comes to activities, pontoon boats are a favorite among families. Are you looking to enjoy a picnic on water?

Pontoon boats come with tables. You can teach your children fish from pontoon boats. Pontoon boats are great for all of these activities. Pontoon boats are the perfect boat for enjoying a day on the water with your loved ones.

Call Action Water Sportz now if you are looking for pontoon boat rentals in Myrtle Beach.

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March has already started and people in Myrtle Beach know what this means—Spring. Thus, this is the time for family fun activities such as riding jet ski rentals Myrtle Beach and other water sports.

With many colleges and universities starting on their Spring Break, it is just ideal for Boating and jet skiing to be the most popular activity. However, with boating constantly comes the threat of avoidable mishaps and injuries. Every year individuals throughout the state are harmed in various mishaps on the water. According to the South Carolina Boating Safety Education, recently there have been over 3,000 boating-related casualties every year. Most of those mishaps take place on conventional motorboats and a lot more strike on individual boats and jet skis. Drowning and injury triggered by accidents are the two most typical injuries impacting water tourists.

Jet Ski Rentals and Boating Safety Tips

If you plan to have a wonderful summer with lots of water activities, it is important to learn about safety and precautions first.

Prior to getting on the water and taking pleasure in the sun, take a minute to evaluate some fundamental boating and jet ski precautions.

  1. Be aware of the dangers of alcohol

Numerous boating mishaps happen when drivers are under the influence of alcohol. Just as soon as the Spring Break starts, mixed drinks and other spirits is a typical part of numerous water events. It is definitely crucial that tourists comprehend the dangers of over-indulging on the water. State laws deal with BUI (Boating Under the Influence) simply as they do intoxicated driving. Simply put, never ever drive a boat or ride jet ski rentals in Myrtle Beach while intoxicated and prevent tourists who have consumed excessive amounts of alcohol.

  1. Life Jackets

Sometimes the most simple rules are the hardest to follow. Just as wearing life vests, simply use them. Drowning injuries and death are the single most typical water accident. When life vests are used, the danger of drowning is significantly reduced. This is especially real for more youthful boaters.

  1. Only trained drivers (with licenses) should be allowed to use boats and jet skis

The logic is the same with driving on an interstate; nobody wants to come across an inexperienced driver, more so without a license. Studies suggest that driving errors is accountable for 3 out of every 4 boating mishaps. Be sure that trained or experienced drivers are only allowed to use jet skis or pontoon boats.

  1. Be sure to check equipment safety

No matter how cautious you are on the water, if your equipment is malfunctioning, then mishaps can strike. Prior to heading out, it is wise to carry out a “Vessel Check.” This is to guarantee your boat or Jet Ski remains in perfect working condition and that suitable security equipment exists. It is not an exaggeration that even a basic pre-trip check can be the distinction in between life and death.

  1. Know your limit

Specific boating environments are more unsafe than others. If the weather condition takes a turn for the worse and the water appears uncontrollable, it is better to play it safe. If a specific location appears overcrowded, it might be recommended to avoid snowboarding, tubing, or riding a jetski where the accident is high.

Be sure to follow boating and jet ski safety rules before you go on your unforgettable water adventure. Book your schedule online with Action Water Sportz!

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If you haven’t experienced the thrill of riding a jet ski rental, then you are really missing out. A jet skiing adventure on Myrtle Beach is one of those experiences I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned jet ski rider, the Action Water Sportz always has you covered. Their standards are consistently high and every other time feels like a new experience.

Jet Ski Rental Tips from the Pros

Here are some Jet Ski renting tips for everyone looking for a memorable jet skiing experience:

  • Plan in advance

It’s always good to be sure that there is a jet ski rental in Myrtle Beach waiting for you before embarking on your vacation. This is the best way to avoid all the troubles that come with a last-minute rush. Run through all the available options and find the perfect fit for you and yours.

  • Compare prices

Different rental shops have different prices. Each shop will also include different components in each package. Morning rates are generally lower compared to afternoon rates in most places. You might also want to check if the quoted price includes life jackets, gas, and insurance. At Action Water Sportz everything is included in the price, including a certified guide to ensure your safety when you ride a jet ski.

  • Check the rental requirements

Every rental agreement has to include certain items in the package. These include an on-water demonstration and pre-rental instructions on how to operate the jet ski. It is also important for safety instructions to be displayed properly on the jet ski.

  • Avoid returning your jet ski late

Jet ski rental agreements usually have time stipulations. In many cases, you will be charged for the extra hours if you are late in returning the jet ski, depending on the stipulations of your agreement. At the same time, it is not safe to operate a jet ski 30 minutes after sunset or 30 minutes before sunrise as you may not be visible to boaters.

  • Remember to wear a life jacket

A proper life jacket is very important when jet skiing. In fact, it is a requirement in most rental locations, including Myrtle Beach. Jet skis also have a cutoff switch lanyard that riders should attach to their clothing or life jackets. This helps shut off the jet ski’s engine in case one falls off while riding.

  • Arrive at the Myrtle Beach jet ski rentals early

It’s always good to arrive at the rentals early. For rookies, this is the best time to watch a brief safety demonstration before hitting the waters. It is also the time to take a look at all the rules and regulations. These include speed limits and no-wake zones among others.

  • For more experienced jet skiers

If you have enough jet skiing experience and feel like being a little more adventurous, you may want to use a stand-up jet ski if there is any available. A stand-up jet ski is good for performing extra tricks maneuvering faster in the water.

Here are some things to avoid when jet skiing:

  • Don’t jump in the wakes or path of passing boats.
  • Don’t capsize the jet ski as this might cause flooding of the engine.
  • Don’t ski too close to other watercraft.
  • Don’t over speed as may lead to accidents and mishaps.

Call Action Water Sportz now if you are looking to rent jet skis in Myrtle Beach.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2022


With famous Hollywood stars riding a jet ski in movies, this watercraft has certainly attracted a lot of attention from adventure enthusiasts. Popular personalities have taken to jet skiing because it is a great way to get their adrenaline pumping. It also offers stunning opportunities for photos that are both scenic and artistic in their own unique way. It is essential to experience the unique feeling of navigating blue waters in this way firsthand. This informative guide is for those who are new to this thrilling activity.

Guide For Firsttime Jet Ski Riders

1. What Can You Do?

jet ski rental in Myrtle Beach is motorized, so they can be driven around the water at a speed that suits you. After you have secured your safety gear, such as a helmet and a life jacket, you can board your watercraft to start your next adventure. A whistle will be provided to you in case of an emergency, or as a way to call for assistance if you fall.

You will also receive a safety lanyard that you can use to keep your jet ski’s motor running. It is kept attached at all times to allow it to continue moving. The lanyard will be released in the event of a fall to prevent injuries and collisions. You will have a great first experience with jet skiing if you take care of yourself and follow all safety instructions, precautions, and instructions.

2. How it works?

Some jet ski rentals can be used standing up or sitting. Depending on the model, the instructions will help you make the most of your experience. You can control the craft’s controls by moving forward, backwards, or in a circular motion. It is advisable to increase your speed gradually as you leave the shoreline. This will ensure that there is a safe distance between your craft and the ground.

Jet skis work much like motorbikes on the ground. They are simple to use with only a few switches and lights that require attention from time-to-time. To avoid a ski-drift, it is essential to maintain a good balance. It is possible to ride the jet ski with a friend, family member or loved one. This will double the thrill and excitement. You can each take turns to explore the nearby landmarks and capture the most memorable moments and creations.

3. How to Get the Most From It

Comfortable swimwear will help you feel more prepared when you rent a jet ski in Myrtle Beach. Speeding through the water can help you feel more comfortable and confident, which will make it easier to try new tricks.

You must also remember every instruction and detail given by your instructor or guard so you are safe and can enjoy the water activities to the fullest extent. These details will help you to navigate the water and make the most of every moment on your jet ski.

You can enjoy the most enjoyable first experience in jet skiing with the information above. This unique experience will allow you to conquer your fears and enjoy the sea. Contact Action Water Sportz to get your jet skiing experience started.

Call Action Water Sportz now if you are looking for a jet ski rental in Myrtle Beach.

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Friday, April 8, 2022


Myrtle Beach is known for its beautiful beaches. It is also a popular spot for water-sport enthusiasts. It’s also home to some of the most popular beaches for water sports. The area attracts hundreds of residents and tourists alike due to its beautiful weather and clear water. Myrtle Beach offers a variety of amazing and fascinating aquatic activities for visitors and adrenaline junkies. Riding a jet ski is a favorite water activity in Myrtle Beach. Let’s take you on a tour of the most thrilling and spectacular water sport in Myrtle Beach, jet skiing.

You have full control of the jet ski when it is in your hand. This allows you to maneuver the machine in any way that you wish. You can ride straight or in circles at a particular time. There is no lane or side you can choose from on the water, just like there are no rules for riding on roads. The thrill is in the freedom that you have on the water.

It’s simple

Jet skis are similar to motorcycles and operate in the same way as other water sports. Jetskiing is a great watersport for beginners because it’s easy to use and understand.

Riding a jet ski is similar to riding a motorbike. This makes it ideal for first-timers as you don’t feel unfamiliar.

There is no need to have any prior experience

Jet skiing is the best choice of watersport for people who love the adrenaline rush. It doesn’t require any previous experience, skills, or expertise. A professional, licensed jet ski rental agency can provide you with a qualified instructor to teach you how to ride a jetski.

These instructions are applicable to both the rider as well as the passenger. All rules set forth by the country’s governing body for watersports must be followed. There are a number of rules that regulate how many people you can have on your back.

Riding A Jet Ski Offers Many Health Benefits

Jet skiing offers many health benefits, not only for its incredible experience, joy and ease, but also for the enjoyment of a whole new world. Jet skiing requires muscle stability and a firm grip on the equipment. It improves blood circulation, which allows oxygen and nutrients to reach all parts of the body. It requires a lot more limb movement while you’re riding. Balance the jet ski on the waves will strengthen your core muscles.

Jet ski rentals in Myrtle Beach offer many breathtaking views. Action Water Sportz offers jetski rentals and equipment at affordable rates for those who want to enjoy the water sport. We pride ourselves on providing the best equipment and instructors as well as excellent customer service.

Call Action Water Sportz now and let your next water adventure be one of your most memorable experiences ever with our jet ski rentals. 

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Wednesday, April 6, 2022


You’ve got two choices when you would like to feel adrenaline rush from moving from 0 to 60 mph in just less than five seconds and without putting your safety at risk on asphalt: you may either buy a ticket so you can ride on Space X or jump on a high-octane jet ski.

You are probably serious about your dream to ride a jet ski. You’ve likely searched the internet for “Tips For Riding a Jet Ski” and found us. You’re in the right place, no matter how you got there. Sea the City is happy to welcome you. We have always been passionate about introducing people to the thrill of riding a jet ski Myrtle Beach.

We’ve come up with this guide for newbies..

Tips For Riding a Jet Ski Rental

These 10 tips will be very helpful if you are new to the sport. These are the essentials of riding a Jet Ski.

  1. Take Boating Classes: Before you could ride a PWC, you must pass the boating safety class first.
  2. Choose a comfortable sitting position.
  3. Place your hands on the bars, and place your feet on the footrests.
  4. You must ensure that you have a lanyard or similar around your wrist, which is attached to your ignition key before turning on your waterbike. It’s referred to as the kill switch cord. It turns the engine off when you drop it.
  5. Turn on the jet ski’s ignition switch.
  6. Slowly pull the throttle in. You could cruise at 5-10 mph offshore up until you feel that the throttle is already responsive.
  7. When you have cruised from the shore safely, past obstacles and heavy boat traffic, then you can accelerate or increase your speed. You should keep a comfortable speed.
  8. Maintain a steady and slow pace. Your water bike must be pointed in the direction where you are going.
  9. You have to accelerate to turn the jet ski. Keep the load balanced so you do not overload it.
  10. Many newbie jet ski riders would like to stand on their jet ski rental. But, it’s best to avoid this until you become an intermediate or master jet ski rider. It is possible to lose control of your PWC and fall.

Before we proceed with the next tip about riding your jet ski for the first time let us talk about a few common questions about jet skiing.

What if I get wet?

Yes! Even if your feet don’t touch the water, you will likely soak in some way. It’s all part and parcel of the adventure!

What should I wear on a Jet Ski?

life vest and bathing suit are sufficient. However, you might want to consider wearing a wetsuit or drysuit if it is cold.

Are Jet Skis Dangerous for Your Health?

Risk is inherent in any activity. Injuries do occur. Your risk of injury will be greatly reduced if you follow your guides as well as exercise caution. This article features essential tips for first-time jet ski riders.

What should you bring?

For your first ride on a jet ski, and for any subsequent ones:

  • You need enough gasoline!
  • A whistle, horn, or other signaling device
  • In case of loss, a map or GPS device is helpful.
  • All safety tools and equipment needed to get certified
  • Life Jacket

Water-specific clothing and gear are essential. Gloves are especially important to protect your hands from blisters and keep you steady on the lines and throttle.

You will need to obtain certification from your boating safety class or any license or certification required by your state for operating a PWC

Proper documentation is required. A vessel registration is also needed.

fire extinguisher. You should also be familiar with how to handle it, as they each have their own safety requirements

Backfire ventilation and flame arrestor

You can also rent your Jet Ski at Sea the City and we will take care of many safety and regulatory requirements. We offer Coast Guard-approved safety equipment for jet skis, as well as vessel registration.

Additional Tips for Beginner Jet Ski Riders

Here are some tips and tricks to help you ride your PWC safely before you embark on your adventure.

Safety first – Be familiar with the safety rules and regulations that apply to the waters. Coast Guard categorizes a PWC a Class A vessel. You must know the rules and regulations that are applicable to boats that are less than 16 feet. Don’t be overly confident when learning.

Make sure that it is straight! New jet ski riders tend to have problems keeping their jet ski rentals straight. This can be corrected easily. Riders have a tendency to constantly look at the handlebars and the water near the bow (front) on the jet ski. What you should do is to raise your head and look to the distance.

This will enable you to drive straight, and allow you to enjoy your trip. If you still have trouble, pick a fixed target on land (buoy), and then steer straight at it.

You can’t turn away from danger without throttle – The water jet that propels the ski forward is what they call the jet. It moves from side to side to steer your machine. There is no rudder. If you stop giving the machine thrust, ability to steer will be reduced or lost completely.

If you are in an emergency and need to avoid a collision, don’t let go of the accelerator. It will be impossible to avoid danger if you do this. Instead, maintain your speed and avoid the danger.

How to Reboard Your Jet Ski – People could fall from jet ski rentals. It is usually not a big deal and can even be part of the excitement. There is an easy way to get back on. Always reboard your skis from the stern (back).

Reach up to the handle at the seat and lift yourself off the water onto the ski’s back deck. Only one individual could board a tandem jet ski rental. Reboarding from the side can cause the jet ski to flip.

Don’t rush. Slow down. You could easily quickly get tired if you aren’t in good shape or have failed several attempts to reboard. Relax in the water and think about how to get back onboard. Then, slowly climb back up.

Relax! It’ll Hurt Less! A lot of new jet ski riders say that they their hands and shoulders were tired and sore after riding a jet ski rental. New riders have a tendency to hold onto their hands for dear life. What you must do is to try leaning forward and loosening your grip.

Keep your elbows bent. This will enable you to ride comfortably and without fatigue. You should not lean forward too much and be sure to keep your nose from the handlebars.

Be firm but not too tight! – While we’ve already talked about driving, there is also a trick for being a comfortable and safe passenger. It is a great way to stay on the skis by holding the waist of the driver or their back using their life jacket. But don’t make it hard for the other person or driver to ski.

Relax, just like when driving. Relax and make sure that your body flexible, but not stiff. This will reduce the feeling of tiredness and boost your enjoyment. Passenger should follow the lead of the driver when they turn.

Jump Wakes: The best way to jump wakes. Although jumping wakes can be an incredible experience, it can also be intimidating for beginners. Your jet ski must be stable when crossing large waves and large waves at a 90 degree angle. Jump waves, not push through them at high speed.

Keep at it – Riding jet ski rentals is fun and exciting but, safety as well as the correct technique are important. This guide will help you be prepared for your next trip on your jet skis.

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Thursday, March 31, 2022


It’s hard for summer to come after a long and cold winter. My family has begun planning for our annual trip to northern Wisconsin. At last the weather is improving. Many people are excited to get jet ski rentals this time of the year.

You’ll find a lot of places that offer jet skis rentals and boat rentals that you can use for a day, a week or more. Many places offer many options. This is perfect since not everybody like the same thing. You will find a policy that will include automatic coverage for the physical damage when the jet ski is damaged. It would also cover the liability for any sustained injuries that you may have caused to someone else where you were driving the jet ski rentals Myrtle Beach.

This coverage is provided automatically and we don’t need to purchase insurance from the rental agency. My policy provides coverage for the homeowner’s section. However, it may also include the umbrella portion.

If you have an insurance policy, you will also have this coverage. You only have as much coverage as the policy limits. When you have a homeowner’s personal insurance coverage, this will include your jet ski or boat rental if you are liable for any injuries.

Your personal liability limit would also be impacted by the physical damage limit. If you’ve got $100,000 in personal liability, this would be your physical damage coverage limit. This would also covers damages to the boat or jet ski rental.

Remember that this feature is a part of some policy. If you don’t have it, your agent might be able to help you find out if you are covered when you use a jet ski rental or a boat rental.

These safety resources and tips will help you stay safe when you rent a jet ski in Myrtle Beach.

Jet Ski Rentals Safety Tips

Learn about the U.S. Coast Guard regulations and laws.

Learn the on-board warnings and information on your boat or jetski by reading your owner’s manual.

Always wear a life jacket. Although this may sound like common sense, it can be hard to keep your eyes on safety when you are riding in a boat or jet ski. A life jacket acts as a seatbelt. You should always wear it, as it can help you survive an accident.

Make sure you have enough fuel for your boat. You should have a life jacket for every person aboard. Children should not wear an adult life jacket. You should also ensure that you have enough water, sunscreen, medication, snacks, and other essentials if you plan on spending the day at the lake. In case of emergency, be sure to have a flare, maps, flares and other communication devices.

Always bring a backup. You should also bring a backup if you are boating with family or friends. A boat with children and one adult is not safe. It’s important that the passenger be familiar with the boat so they can safely return you to land if the primary driver becomes incapacitated or injured.

Pay attention to the weather. The weather in summer can quickly change. You should pay attention to the weather forecast in your area and sign up for weather alerts sent directly to your smartphone.

Pay attention to your surroundings. Boat traffic can be very heavy depending on the season. Keep an eye out for what’s going on around you. Always have a spotter in case you need to be alerted if a skier or tube is pulled behind your boat or jet ski rentals Myrtle Beach. 

Call Action Water Sportz now if you are looking for a jet ski rental in Myrtle Beach for your next escapade.

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