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Personal Watercraft Users Advised to Use Security on the Water

PErsonal-Watercraft-Myrtle-Beach-300x199.jpgNationally, one in 5 mishaps on the water include a personal watercraft (PWC) or more commonly known as jet skis and therefore, the South Carolina Game and Fish Department encourages everybody using such crafts to utilize caution and continuously be alert to their surroundings while on the water. Even though the season has slowed down, it is still imperative that people take caution when renting Jet Skis in Myrtle Beach and other areas in South Carolina. Each year there are fatalities across the nation involving PWCs. In 2015, there were 4,158 accidents on the water nationwide-- 20 percent which involved an individual boat, according to the United States Coast Guard. Of all the mishaps involving a PWC, operator lack of experience was the most typical element. The ability to manage the Jet Ski is based upon the quantity of water thrust. A knowledgeable operator knows it's important to utilize the throttle to appropriately maneuver the boat and prevent threat. When an operator kills the engine or stops using the throttle, the craft will continue on its course and speed, and the operator will lose any capability to control the boat. Of the 623 people who were hurt while operating a PWC, 33 died from injuries sustained in a collision and 25 percent of those drowned, according to U.S. Coast Guard data. Everyone riding a jet ski in South Carolina is lawfully required to use a life vest which will decrease the probability of a drowning accident when renting Jet Skis in Myrtle Beach. "While these watercraft can be fantastic on the water, it is absolutely crucial that they know the best ways to correctly pilot a PWC," stated Arizona Boating Security Education coordinator Josh Hoffman. "One of the very best ways for individuals to prevent future accidents is to learn how to operate the craft securely and properly by taking a boating safety course, where they will find out important navigation guidelines and to be mindful of other individuals on the water." If you are renting a jet ski in Myrtle Beach, be sure and go with a guide that has knowledge of the safe operation of the personal watercraft. Pay close attention to all the safety instructions given prior to taking out the PWC and stay close to the guide at all times, especially if this is your first time. To better prevent future collisions, PWC operators should consider the acronym "S.A.F.E. R.I.D.E.R." and the following ideas from the Personal Watercraft Industry Association:.
  • Scan the water for threats and other boats
  • Avoid aggressive maneuvers
  • Follow local boating laws, including rules to prevent the transfer of intrusive species
  • Examine your equipment before you leave the dock
  • Respond to conditions
  • Insist on a safe range from other boats, swimmers and stationary objects such a booies
  • Drive sober
  • Examine weather condition and waterways
  • Respect the environment by preventing fuel spills and operating near marine life
With Action Water Sportz you will always have a certified guide with you at all times. Respect your guide and let them know if you are having any problems while renting a Jet Ski. Reviews From Facebook: Geoffrey Ottens reviewed Action Water Sportz — 5 star September 9 at 12:08am ·
My wife and I decided to celebrate our weight loss and our active lifestyle by going for a two hour dolphin tour on jet skis. After checking the internet and calling a few places, I chose Action Water Sportz because, while they cost a little bit more than others, they were very helpful answering my questions on the phone. We were both a little nervous, having never been on jet skis before and, most certainly never in the open ocean! The place was fairly easy to find - especially since we love eating at Boardwalk Billy's! Our guide, Darius, was awesome - he explained the operation of the jet skis really well. As we started our trip, he constantly checked in with each operator in the group (four adults on four jet skis). I have no way to compare the equipment, but our jet skis worked well - we both hit 50+ mph easily and our life jackets fit well! He methodically helped us work up our skills and confidence before we entered the ocean at the Little River Inlet. We had about 10 minutes to play around in the fairly choppy ocean water. Having left a little late to meet the fishing boats that the dolphins follow, he offered a different excursion which we all agreed would be great: we went to Bird Island for a short walk and photos. Then we went 'trail skiing' - high speed skiing though beautiful scenery! By the time we got back to the docks, we felt like jet ski pros and cannot wait to go again! We've already promised each other we'll go, at least once, when we're in NMB again. We'll also be sure to ASK FOR DARIUS - he was great!
Action Water Sportz 1525 13th Ave N North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (843) 280-4100 Action Water Sportz Barefoot Landing 2051 Bridge View Ct North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 843-390-3333 Action Water Sportz Little River 4430 Kingsport Road Little River sc 29566 843-280-3100

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Jet-ski Rental: An Affordable Way To Have Fun With Your Family

jet-ski-rentals-6-300x168.jpgCountless people are planning their long overdue escapades and search for affordable and fun activities that their entire family or friends could enjoy. Among the best options is bringing the family out for a water adventure using jet-ski rentals. Renting jet skis, which are also referred to as wave runners, PWC or personal watercrafts, is an extremely safe and cost effective way for the entire family to experience a fun day out in the water. If you have been searching for a wonderful family friendly day trip or a whole day of fun with family or friends, but do not know much about renting or using a wave runner, here’s a brief guide in what they are as well as how you could enjoy them.

What are Jet-Ski Rentals?

Jet-ski rentals are motorized vehicles that an individual rides through or on top of water – commonly rivers, lakes, bays, and oceans. They resemble snowmobiles or motorcycles but unlike these two, jet-ski rentals Myrtle Beach are used on water instead of snow or land. While the technical term for this kind of vehicle is personal watercraft, a lot of people refer to it as wave runners or jet skis. Both Wave Runners and Jet Skis are actually names of brands. However, each of these phrases are used to refer to the vehicle instead of the vehicle’s manufacturer. All of the three phrases, personal watercraft, jet ski, and wave runner, could be used interchangeably to refer to these vehicles. Although many people worry that jet skis are dangerous, the truth of the matter is that they are very safe, as long as you are trained in their use and adhere to all the local and federal rules and regulations that govern them. A lot of people would not want to spend their vacations reading up on local/federal rules as well as regulations, however, if you choose a reliable jet ski rental business, the staff would be able and also willing to help you learn the basic information that you have to know. A lot of those that rent jet skis require visitors to take up a short tutorial before they go on to their water adventure. Every localities have different regulations before riding one.

Tips When Considering Jet-ski Rentals

Does the business offering jet-ski rentals offer safety and training lessons to new clients and are the employees willing to answer questions you may have about the safety and use of the personal watercrafts? What is the location of the facility relative to the water body that you plan to visit, and do they have the means for you to move your jet-ski rentals from and to the water? If so, then you should also ask if there is an extra fee. In case you are planning for jet-ski rentals as a part of a larger vacation or maybe as a day trip then can you find places for jet ski rentals that are located within a reasonable driving distance of your destination.

Call Action Water Sportz if you are looking for a reputable provider of jet-ski rentals.

Action Water Sportz 1525 13th Ave N North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (843) 280-4100 Action Water Sportz Barefoot Landing 2051 Bridge View Ct North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 843-390-3333 Action Water Sportz Little River 4430 Kingsport Road Little River SC 29566 843-280-3100

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Have The Ultimate Vacation With Jet Ski Rentals

jet-ski-rentals-5-300x200.jpgAre you planning your vacation this year? How about including a jet ski rental for your Myrtle Beach getaway? There are several rustic and scenic destinations that can accommodate the tourist who would like to take part in this fun and exhilarating sports activity. There are many jet ski companies found at the marinas and they offer sea doo rentals and jet ski rentals. What an exciting activity to include in such activities like hiking or maybe just relaxing near a campfire. To go on this kind of adventure though, the first thing you have to do is know more about personal watercrafts, the manufacturers that develop them, and the kind of people who use them.

What is a personal watercraft?

A PWC or a personal watercraft is made with an inboard kind of motor. Apart from that, a jet pump provides it with the means to travel at speeds that could range as much as 55 miles per hour or more. Jet skis are the generic term that is used for personal watercrafts and is also a trademark registered name of a personal water craft that is built by Kawasaki. Another generic name is Waverunner. It is used by people who refer to a personal watercraft that is built by Yamaha. Meanwhile, Bombardier as well as Aqua Trax manufactured the Sea Doo and it is made by Honda.

Jet Ski Rentals Are A Popular Choice

Based on statistics, about 20 million Americans enjoy riding a jet ski Myrtle Beach every year. Watercrafts are available in sit down and stand up models with most participants preferring the three and four-seat PWCs. A solo craft is also called the stand up model while the sit down model is also referred to as a sport craft. The majority of families as well as beginners prefer jet ski rentals specifically the sport crafts because the rental rate for this option is more affordable than others. Apart from that, sport crafts offer bigger storage room. Additionally, several places that offer daily jet ski rentals won’t charge for more passengers.

The Jet Ski Rental Costs

The jet ski rental cost is relative to where you would like to rent one. In case you would like cut back ab it, you are most likely better off if you rent from a shop that also rents PWCs. However, there’s one concern and that is the fact that you need to provide your own equipment to tow them to the lake or beach yourself. If that’s the case then you might not mind spending a bit more money over by patronizing one of the marinas where you will be staying and finding a place that provides jet ski rentals there.


Going for a jet ski rental to explore the beauty of the lake or beach is cheaper than chartering a boat. With today’s advanced technologies, jet skis have become easy to handle. They also offer a smoother ride thanks to their direction injection engines, which gives them the additional boost they require to glide over the waves without too much effort.

Call Action Water Sportz if you are thinking of renting a jet ski for your upcoming vacation in Myrtle Beach.

Action Water Sportz 1525 13th Ave N North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (843) 280-4100 Action Water Sportz Barefoot Landing 2051 Bridge View Ct North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 843-390-3333 Action Water Sportz Little River 4430 Kingsport Road Little River SC 29566 843-280-3100

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Experience Magnificence Through Dolphin Tours

dolphin-tours-300x200.jpgOne of the top holiday destinations in the country is Myrtle Beach and for good reason. It is a place that never fails its tourists and locals alike. Over the years, thousands of travelers have visited this place and enjoyed the many activities it has to offer. There are several ways to keep yourself occupied while you are in Myrtle Beach. But travelers who just want to absorb some tropical heat while enjoying the breath taking ocean, may just sit back and do just that. Considering going on a dolphin tours trip. With countless activities to do, one great way to enjoy an afternoon in Myrtle Beach is to go on dolphin watching trip. The calm waters of Myrtle Beach are home to different beautiful sea creatures and there are a lot of them. A few of them are leaping in the air, a few of them swim like the wind and some of them squabble with one another. There are many of these wonderful animals waiting for your admiration. So be sure that you go on a Myrtle Beach dolphin tours trip during your vacation. Don’t forget to bring your cameras during your fishing trip or dolphin watching trip because these are meant to be captured. There are different species of dolphins. These include the spinner dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, striped dolphin, rough-toothed dolphin, and more. In other locations like Maldives, those going on a dolphin watching trip also have a chance to see different species of whales, which truly are a sight to behold. With water coming out of their blow holes, an experience with these amazing creatures is surely overwhelming.

Few Guidelines To Follow During Your Dolphin Watching Trip

You need to find a responsible tour operator for your dolphin watching trip like Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises. Do your research well and find out if you will be accompanied by an expert during the trip. The trip must be more about education instead of sensation. A reputable firm will have the information of the guides on their site as well as their qualifications and their experience. Coordinate viewing times as well as directions before leaving. A responsible operator will check in with other vessels before going to the viewing area to avoid trapping the dolphins or whales. The boat must also keep a safe distance from the sea creatures and keep a predictable behavioral pattern. The watching event must also be kept as natural as possible. It is crucial not to chase or harass the dolphin. They are wild animals and they are very sensitive. It may be tempting to pet or touch them. Keep your hands to yourself.

Call Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises if you are thinking of going on a dolphin watching trip during your vacation in Myrtle Beach.

Action Water Sportz 1525 13th Ave N North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (843) 280-4100 Action Water Sportz Barefoot Landing 2051 Bridge View Ct North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 843-390-3333 Action Water Sportz Little River 4430 Kingsport Road Little River SC 29566 843-280-3100

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Why You Should Get Pontoon Boat Rentals In Myrtle Beach

Pontoon-Boat-_Myrtle-Beach-300x200.jpgIs there any way you can enjoy the Myrtle Beach coastline than with a Pontoon Boat Rental from Action Water Sportz. The Pontoon Boat is equipped with 4-stroke Yamaha outboard engines that are naturally quiet, with a smooth and reliable engine. Do not worry if you arrive with a group as Action Water Sportz can accommodate up to ten persons or a total weight of 1410 lbs. You can even rent a jet ski or go on a dolphin watch trip if you want kids to enjoy.

Reasons Why Pontoon Boat Rentals Are The Best In Myrtle Beach

  1. Action Water Sportz is just one of the most effective areas to lease a pontoon watercraft in South Carolina. You can spend hours enjoying the view of the Intracoastal Waterway.
  2. Pontoon boats from Action Water Sports are maintained through regular clean up. The watercraft also always prepared to let you in on a wonderful water adventure.
  3. Enjoy easy to follow route when you cruise to the Ocean Isle Beach or Sunset Beach where beautiful homes and a spectacular nature adventure awaits you.
  4. Fenders, dock lines, support as well as safety and security equipment are supplied and also you'll entrust a complete container of gas.
  5. Aside from enjoying the wonderful view, you can also dock at the beach and go on a picnic, shell picking, and you can even bring with you a fishing gear.
If you plan to spend your Myrtle Beach holiday outdoors, it is time to try out a water adventure that includes pontoon boat rentals, jet ski, and dolphin watching.

When it concerns pontoon services in Myrtle Beach, SC, be sure to call Action Water Sportz or book online for reservations.

Action Water Sportz 1525 13th Ave N North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (843) 280-4100 Action Water Sportz Barefoot Landing 2051 Bridge View Ct North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 843-390-3333 Action Water Sportz Little River 4430 Kingsport Road Little River SC 29566 843-280-3100

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Enjoy The Many Benefits Of Jet Ski Rentals

jet-ski-rentals-4-300x168.jpgJet ski rentals are gaining in popularity these days and for good reason. The Federal government said that it is becoming one of the fastest growing water recreation option throughout the United States these days. Some people think that jet skiing is a serious sports activity that is only for the rich and the famous. But that’s not true. Anyone can ride a jet ski and have fun in the lake or at the beach.

Jet Ski Rentals Are Affordable

There are some activities that can be done during vacation that are quite expensive. If you just have a modest budget for your trip, it is an excellent idea to find the best way to make use of what you have wisely. In most cases, jet skiing won’t cost you that much. The price you pay will depend on the kind of ski that you would like to rent. So, check the options that you have and find out which one fits your budget. You Can Ride It Alone Or With Your Friends In case you are traveling on your own, you can choose jet ski rentals Myrtle Beach and enjoy your vacation. Jet skis are not only for adults but for teens too. Enjoy The Water With Jet Ski Rentals Not all people love to go swimming. If you ride a jet ski, you could enjoy the water in the lake or the beach without having to get into it. All you need to do is just hop on the water craft and enjoy your time in the water.

Jet Skis Are Easy To Control

It could be difficult to water ski especially if it is something that you have not done before. The controls of this kind of water craft are quite simple to learn as well as control. You won’t encounter any difficulties figuring it out right away. In case you choose a jet ski rental, you can use it without any problem. It is not needed to take a lot of time figuring out how the jet ski works. You can simply enjoy riding the water craft. Improves Your Cardiovascular System It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or a novice, you will be helping your heart if you ride a jet ski. It can help improve your blood circulation, which takes more nutrients and oxygen to the different tissues in your body. It also assists in removing the waste from your body a lot faster. Enhances Your Balance and Coordination Crouching and sitting on jet skis as well as maneuvering it in the lake or beach can be hard. Increasing or decreasing the speed as you go through the water waves can help enhance your balance and coordination. Boosts Your Endurance Riding the jet ski tough water waves could help you burn calories. Did you know that a person who weighs 150 pounds can burn at least 240 calories when they ride a jet ski for 30 minutes? What are you waiting for? Rent a jet ski now.

Call Action Water Sportz if you want to rent a jet ski on your upcoming vacation in Myrtle Beach.

Action Water Sportz 1525 13th Ave N North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (843) 280-4100 Action Water Sportz Barefoot Landing 2051 Bridge View Ct North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 843-390-3333 Action Water Sportz Little River 4430 Kingsport Road Little River SC 29566 843-280-3100