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Myrtle Beach Jet Ski Rental Safety – Part 3

Myrtle Beach Jet Ski Rental Safety – Part 3

Other Rules Of The Road and Things You Should Know

A PWC or a Jet Ski is a high performance boat and your operation of it should reflect your level of experience. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid aggressive maneuvers. You will reduce the risk of loss of control, ejection and collision. Sharp turns or jumping waves can increase the risk of collision and cause back, spinal injury, paralysis, facial injuries and broken bones. The safe choice is not to jump wakes or waves. In most states the law prohibits jumping waves.

  • Using the reverse function. If your jet ski has this function, do not use it to stop or slow down. Your forward momentum in combination with too rapid deceleration might cause loss of control and your ejection or the ejection of any passenger who might be onboard. The loss of momentum might also cause you to impact the handlebars and again cause injury. If the Jet Ski is equipped with a brake, you must brace yourself against the deceleration force to prevent moving forward on the watercraft and losing balance.

  • You may be out on the water to avoid auto traffic and regain a sense of freedom. But there is traffic on the water too. Whether you are on the water with other water craft, larger boats or both, keep your focus and be aware at all times. Keep a safe distance away from people, objects and other water craft. Stand up often and scan your surroundings for other jet skis, boars, water skiers, tubers, swimmers, divers or obstructions in the water.

  • Don't follow directly behind another watercraft or boats. Do not go close to others to spray or splash them with water.

Basic Boating Etiquette and Guidelines

You can't predict what others will do but you can be predictable to others on the water.  How? By doing what is expected and knowing basic boating etiquette and guidelines.

Sharp turns or maneuvers make it hard for others to avoid you or predict your movements and can make it impossible for them to avoid a collision with you.

Give sailboats under sail and large commercial fishing vessels the right of way. Stay to the right when approaching an on-coming craft so that it passes on your left side. When overtaking another boat, you can pass on the right or left, but stay clear. If you are about to cross paths with another boat, the craft on the right has the right of way.  Slow down to let the boat continue its course, then pass behind it. Even when you are sure you have the right of way, a good rule is to never insist on it. Always ride defensively, Why not be courteous and let the other boater pass?

If your course takes you across the path of another boat, make sure that boat does not obstruct your visibility.  Stay far enough behind it so you can see if other traffic is coming your way,

The local regulations regarding speed limits are put there for good reason.  Whether posted or not, follow the speed limit. Slow down and lower your speed in congested areas, it's just not worth the risk to go faster. Ask your Myrtle Beach Jet Ski Rental operator the speed limits before you go riding.

Near shore, within 100 feet or in shallow water, go slow at an idle speed. Make no wake and observe posted no wake zones. It is always best to ride in main channels and avoid riding in shallow water.

In summary, you are the one having a Myrtle Beach jet ski rental. It is your responsibility to know all state, federal and local laws pertaining to the use of a personal water craft.

Action Water Sportz wants you to enjoy your ride and come back safely. By following a few rules, you and your family can have a great outing and enjoy a summer vacation treat. Watch the video below for a recap of these rules.

Call us today to reserve your Myrtle Beach Jet Ski and have the time of your life! Be sure and post about your experience on our Facebook page.

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