Wednesday, February 17, 2021


Jet-ski-Myrtle-Beach-6-300x200.jpgIn the Myrtle Beach area, jet skis and other personal watercraft (PWC) must follow the same regulations as other boats, plus some policies that are specific to PWC. To understand these rules, you must take the state’s boating safety and security training course as well as get a South Carolina boating certificate. Luckily, Action Water Sportz ensures that all guides are certified in the state of South Carolina.

Jet Ski Rules To Follow

Children under 18 Unless they are accompanied by an individual 18 years or older, those younger than 16 years need to have finished a state-sanctioned boating security course. The training can be taken online. Although teens below 18 years old with parental consent may operate Jet Skis, you must be 18 years of age to avail of rental Jet Skis. All operators must possess a valid photo ID. If you do not have a valid driver’s license or photo ID, we suggest that you obtain a state ID card from your local Department of Motor Vehicles prior to your vacation. Personal Flotation Device Any individual riding a jet ski needs to put on a personal flotation protection device. These must be Coast Guard-approved, Kinds I, II, III or V. Life jackets are provided with all jet ski rentals. Amount of time Personal watercraft can just be run during daylight hours. Action Water Sportz provides rentals for 1/2 hour, 1 hour and 2 hours at a time. The time starts after the instructions and safety rules for jet skis are covered. Speed For a Jet Ski To stay clear of developing problem wakes as well as other risks, regulations state that you cannot operate over wake speed if you’re within 100 feet from a coast or closer than 50 feet to jetties, anchors or boat docks, people in the water or secured crafts. Crossing Paths Those riding a jet ski are not also permitted to hop the wakes of other vessels unless that other watercraft is at least 200 feet away. You need to leave room in between your jet ski and one more when going across paths. Safety and Security Lanyard Your jet ski must have a self-circling device or a safety and security lanyard affixed from the ignition safety button to your wrist or your personal flotation safety vest. This will ensure the motor will automatically cutoff should you capsize the jet ski. Action Water Sportz provides full safety instructions prior to releasing a jet ski Myrtle Beach for the whole rental time. All rules must be strictly followed to ensure the safety of everyone on the waterway.  

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